Priority 1

Smarter Budgeting

Priority 2

Restoring Education

Priority 3

Expanding Revenue

Time to have representation for all of Senate District 42.

I have been a life long resident of Midwest City.  Like many of you, I have lamented the reality that my interests have not had representation in decades.  After witnessing the recent behavior of our legislators, I realized it was time to step up.

My political compass is simply this.  Pragmatism.  Do what works.  Do what serves the greatest number of people.  I believe a rising tide lifts all boats.  In Oklahoma, rising tides have not been allowed for a decade, unless the benefit accrued to the top of the food chain.  I intend to change that.  It is time to stand up against the swamp of dollars that are resulting in systemic failure of our state government and its failure to serve Oklahomans.

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Next Steps...

Support Linda Wade and her run for state senate seat for district 42 through Act Blue